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Turntables | deciBel Audio - Chicago, IL

deciBel Audio loves helping customers in the Chicago, IL area experience the wonderment and joy found in turntables. Turntables may be a lost breed within much of the audio industry, but we take great pride in offering a choice of new and used ones for our music-loving customers. We know these delights will never grow old.

There is something magical about using turntables. It takes listeners back to the days of taking vinyl records out of paper sleeves and cardboard album covers. This technology allows listeners to simply lift a phonograph arm and place the needle upon a chosen tune. No digital technology exists in this simple, pure, and enjoyable way to listen to music.

Many baby boomers swear by their turntables. Our experts regale in customers telling stories about record and/or album collections being played on turntables. We think this is great!

Our new turntables come with a 6-month parts and labor warranty. Customers love our 6-month exchange privilege. You can take advantage of this by returning the turntable in the same condition it was received in. The turntable must be shipped back in its original packaging. You pay only for return shipping costs and we refund the remaining purchase price.

Used turntables purchased from us also come with a 6-month warranty on parts and labor. We do not refund or accept returns on used turntables unless they are defective or a suitable replacement cannot be found. When these situations happen, we will refund your entire purchase price, minus any shipping costs. You pay for return shipping. All you need to do is ship back the turntable in its original packaging. There is also a 6-month exchange privilege available.

deciBel Audio carries a variety of turntables for music lovers in the Chicago, IL area. Pay us a visit soon!